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When someone you trust says "that person's great at what she does," you take note.
Bonafide is a place to find and connect great people.

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Looking for help

The Challenge

It’s easy to find the world’s fastest sprinters and highest jumpers. It’s much harder to find the top people in other fields.

The Solution

The best way to find the top engineers or marketers is to ask great engineers or marketers the top people they know. Bonafide productizes that process so you can find the Usain Bolt of every field.

Looking to help

The Challenge

It’s easy to mindlessly forward your underachiever cousin’s resume to HR. It’s harder to connect the right person with the right opportunity.

The Solution

Bonafide makes it easier to connect your professional allies. See who they're looking for, tell the right people, then make an introduction in a way that's both genuine and fast.


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